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  • Nature and Wildife Safari Guide Musa Khan at Desert National Park Rajasthan Jaisalmer
    Desert National Park, Rajasthan
  • Desert Safari Guide Musa Khan Desert National Park Rajasthan Jaisalmer India
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  • Desert Safari Guide Musa Khan Desert National Park Rajasthan Jaisalmer India
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About Musa Khan

Best Desert National Park Guide in Rajasthan

I strongly believe that support of local people is essential for wildlife conservation, particularly in large multiple-use landscapes. The Critically Endangered Great Indian Bustard, popularly known as Godawan in Rajasthan lives in a large landscape consisting of natural grassland, grazing areas and low-intensity cultivation.
In the last 35 years I have the privilege to visit the Thar desert and Desert National Park many times. I find the people are simple, friendly, and very cooperative.
Musa Khan is a native of Rajasthan, an avid birder and an enthusiastic nature guide. This young man has birded extensively in the Desert National Park for more than four years, and now considered as highly experienced Nature and Wildlife guide of the Park. I was told that recently he worked for six months with BNHS.
Musa is a skilled guide and knows the different habitats of the desert. He ensures that everyone in the group observes the birds without disturbing them. He has the local knowledge of certain species.
His passion for Nature has taken him to the most remote places in the desert, always looking for the opportunity to add a new bird on his desert life list.
He is friendly and courteous all the time, always willing to help around and make you feel welcome. He is an honest man, you can easily leave your belongings with him.
He has also learning the ethics of wildlife watching and does not allow any disturbance to wildlife.
I wish him success and hope that he will widely spread the message of conservation.


Musa Khan Desert National Park Guide for Photography, Wildlife Safari, Rajasthan Tourism


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Desert National Park


40 km from Jaisalmer town.
300 km from Jodhpur.
The road from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer (via pokhran) is superb. You can do the 300+ kms in about 5 hrs.
It is well connected by road and rail.
The nearest railway station is Jaisalmer and the nearest airport is Jodhpur.
Akal Wood Fossil Park is located 18 km from Jaisalmer on Burner road.
Distance from Major Cities or Places: (By Road)
Jaisalmer – 60 km
Thar Desert – 113 km
Jodhpur – 335 km
Ajmer – 538 km
Udaipur – 541 km
Gujarat – 734 km
Jaipur – 606 km
New Delhi – 820 km
Agra – 843 km
Punjab – 914 km
Mumbai – 1115 km
Being situated in the middle of a sandy and undulating terrain, Desert National Park in Jaisalmer presents a extraordinary landscape comprising rocks and compact salt lake bottoms, intermodal regions and sand dunes. It is an frequently used example of the desert ecosystem and the park remains open throughout the year. The pleasant natural ecosystem comprises diverse flora and fauna, along with the variety number of wildlife that offers a cherished experience through the rugged mountains, cracked land, oasis and sand dunes of the desert.
The best time to visit Desert National Park, Jaisalmer is from August to the month of March when the weather is most pleasant for sightseeing in Jaisalmer.
Although the sandy city of Jaisalmer remains bustling with visitors throughout the year, it is most preferred to plan a trip during the cooler months of the year. In winters, the temperature usually ranges between 5-23 degrees Celsius. If you are interested in bird watching at the Desert National Park, then the best time is between the months of September to March.
Time to Visit the Park The park is open to visitors round the year but the core breeding areas of Great Indian Bustard remains closed for visitors from April to July .
Entry fee (Indian) – Rs. 50
Entry fee (Non-Indian) – Rs. 300 ($5)
Vehicle Entry fee – Rs. 200 ($3)
Indian bustard: The endangered Indian bustard is the major attraction of Desert National Park. Brown and white in colour, the bustard is a metre tall and has long bare legs and a long neck. One can spot this tall and graceful ground-dwelling bird near the Sudashri waterhole.
Desert Fox : Desert fox puppy is really beautiful for photography.
Sam Sand Dunes: These dunes are located near the Thar Desert.
Gadsisar Sagar Tank: This tank is among the tourist places in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Thousands of migratory birds come to this place every year.
Ronj, Khair, Rohira, Dhok, Khejri, Palm trees, Ber, Aak shrub, Sewan grass etc.
Birds – Great Indian Bustard, Tawny Eagle, Merlin, Falcons, Eagles, Vultures, Bee-Eaters, Shrikes, Larks, Demoiselle Crane, Macqueen’s Bustard, Sandgrouse, Long-Legged, Honey Buzzards, chats, babblers, kites etc.
Mammals – Camel, Desert Fox, Bengal Fox, Chinkara, Wolf, Desert Cat, Blackbuck, Hedgehog, Nilgai etc.
Reptiles – Russell’s viper, Saw Scaled Viper, Monitor Lizard, Spiny tailed lizard, Saw scaled viper, Common Krait, Spiny Tailed Lizard, Gecko, Persian Gecko etc.
- Sunscreen and sunglasses.
- A hat, cap or turban.
- Long-sleeve shirt, sneakers, long trousers or other type of solid shoes. Remember, the sun is fierce!
- DSLR Camera , Flash, Head Torch, Extra Battery, Tripod or Monopod.
- Toilet paper and towel.
- Diary, pen, a book to read, cards or other games.
- Medical kit.

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Why Musa Khan ?

Although there are many other travel agency. Let's come to the point, why you need to hire Nature Guide Musa Khan during your visit in Desert National Park !
Local Guide

I born and grew up in Rajasthan near Desert National Park. That's why I know every corner of the desert very well from my childhood.


I've worked with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). Over 3 years guided many famous Indian and International Photographers inside Desert National Park.

Well Service

There are many other tourist, photographers and scientists from all over the world who trusted me for Wildlife Safari, Food, Accommodation over 3 years during their visit inside desert.


Photographer, Naturalists and Scientists get photographs of their preferred species according to my commitment.

Snaps during Work

Over 3 years Hundreeds of photographers booked me and visited Desert National Park. Returned with beautifuls snaps and remembrance with them.